Is professional carpet cleaning safe for my kids and pets? 

Regular carpet cleaning is important. It will help extend the life of your carpet. It can also help keep your home clean. Additionally, clean carpets help improve indoor air quality.

toddler playing with two bunnies and a carrot on carpet

You may be wondering if it is safe for you to get your carpet cleaned if you have pets and children. The answer to that question is, it is safe for you to have your carpet cleaned. However, there are several things that you will have to do in order to keep your pets and children safe.

Consider the Cleaning Products

There are some cleaning products that are safer to use than others. Before you select a professional cleaning company, you will need to ask them about the types of products that they use. Make sure that they do not use products that have benzyl benzoate, formaldehyde, or tannic acid. Both of those ingredients can irritate the lungs and trigger asthma symptoms. They should also avoid using deodorizing powders. Those powders tend to cause skin and lung irritation.

Furthermore, carpet cleaning products often leave behind residue. Both children and pets tend to play on the carpet. It can be dangerous for them to play with the residue that is left behind on the carpet. You should ask the carpet cleaner if any residue will be left behind after the carpet has been cleaned.

Many carpet cleaners today use green carpet cleaning methods. Green cleaners can be just as effective as regular carpet cleaning methods, but they are much safer.

Consider the Carpet Cleaning Method

There are several carpet cleaning methods that can be used. However, the safest method to use is steam cleaning. One of the many benefits of using steam cleaning is that it does not require the use of dangerous chemicals. The carpet also tends to dry faster. This helps prevent mold from building up.

Mold is a problem because it can reduce indoor air quality. It can also cause skin irritation and respiratory symptoms.

Make Sure That Children And Pets Are Kept Out of the Room

You will need to keep your children and pets in a separate room while the carpet is cleaned. They should not be allowed to back into the room until the carpet is completely dry. You should check the carpet in order to ensure that it is dry. Carpet that has been safely cleaned and dry is safe for children and pets.